This update ONLY reflects my pricing for Studio 285 in Augusta, GA.


To my dear clients,

Due to increased demand in my services, I must increase my prices. The quality of my work is of utmost importance, because of this, I have found this to be the best way to ensure my quality does not suffer. This page will reflect these new prices. If you have appointments already, the current pricing will be honored. However, starting 8/1/2018 we will be adjusting all of my services to the new prices listed below. If the service isn't listed, it will remain the same.

If you are unsure of rebooking with me, I can refer you to any of our other amazing stylists. I have spent years cultivating and training all the stylists at Studio 285 to be an extension of my hands. They will be more than capable of giving you the hair you've always wanted.

For any questions or concerns please email



Pricing for Brittany Harrington - owner & Master Stylist